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Satin Lipstick

Satin Lipstick


Create a soft, silky-feeling film to enhance wear, imparting a luscious, shiny finish. Our creamy formula features a soft cushion feel and medium-to-full buildable coverage. We have infused the perfect blend of shea butter and oils to leave your lips feeling moisturized and kissably soft.

Shade Descriptions:

  • 40529, Satin Lipstick, Sherbet: Light Neutral Nude
  • 40530, Satin Lipstick, Sweet: Cranberry
  • 40531, Satin lipstick, Cupcake: Muted Mauve-Pink
  • 40532, Satin Lipstick, Peony: Coral
  • 40533, Satin Lipstick, Mauve: Muted Pinky-Beige Brown
  • 40534, Satin Lipstick, Passion: Brownish Orange-Red
  • 40535, Satin Lipstick, Sangria: Brick Red
  • 40536, Satin Lipstick, Basic: Reddish-Taupe Brown
  • 40537, Satin Lipstick, Mink: Muted Mauve-Pink
  • 40538, Satin Lipstick, Hottie: Amped Fuchsia
  • 40539, Satin Lipstick, Rosewood: Muted Brownish-Plum
  • 40540, Satin Lipstick, Vivid: Bright Bluish-Red
  • 40541, Satin Lipstick, Blush: Soft Pink
  • 40542, Satin Lipstick, Rosy: Soft Muted Brownish-Pink
  • 40543, Satin Lipstick, Ginger: Creamy Beige Peach
  • Dimensions: 2″ 7/8 x 1″ 1/8

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